Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Goals in Life

New goals in life:
1) Get an apartment that has a dishwasher.
2) Buy a bunch of white Coffee cups, Red Plates , a few big Blue Bowls a couple of WHITE dishes (I already have some of those) and A Black dish and one Purple bowl
3) Load my dishwasher the way they do in that one commercial with the white cups as teeth, the red dishes as the tounge, The Blue dishes as the eyeballs, the white dishes inside that, and then the black dishes inside that so it looks like EYES.
4) admire my dishwasher that looks like a face and feel like I have a fulfilling life.


Brian in Mpls said...

You will have to post a picture of this:)

Native Minnow said...

I like this idea. I might do the same. Someday.

Bill From Gainesville said...

Brian, if it ever comes to fruition I will post a picture
Minnow. although I list it as a goal, it is WAAAAY down on the priority list. so same thing, SOMEDAY

your psycho ex-girlfriend said...

if i ever did my dishes i would do the same...

The Charming Hedonist said...

I KNEW I wasn't the only person with this dream!