Saturday, March 10, 2012

Manning or Tebow

So maybe no one else will say it..... But Damnit,  If Peyton Manning goes to Denver,  that will piss me off to no end.
Here is my problem with that scenerio:  For one,  If that happened,  there is no doubt that Peyton would deserve  to be the number 1 Q.B.  He is just better that TEBOW.  My second problem is that Elways's promise that  Tebow would enter the offseason as the number 1 QB would be bullshit.-
Finally, even though I used to live in a suburb of Denver,  I am still more of a Tebow fan than a Broncos fan.  Hiring Manning would be great for Denver,  but not so much for Tebow.
Plus, The NFL would lose an awesome Storyline,  which is why in the end Denver was just raising the price for eitherMiami or Kansas City.

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