Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thanks McDonalds!

A box of Twenty piece McNuggets cost $4.99, and evidently, at least according to the McDonald's Commercial, a good thing to do is buy them and then offer to share them with a hot chick who just happens to be sitting in a McDonalds, by herself, not currently eating anything.  So now you know what to do if that situation ever comes up. Thanks McDonalds!


Heff said...

LOVE McDonald's Chicken McNuggets, although I think $ 4.99 for twenty is a bit steep.

As far as sharing them with a hot chick, FUCK THAT SHIT - THEY'RE MINE !

Bill From Gainesville said...

Heff, can't say I am as big a fan of the McNuggets as you are, but I do want to buy a twenty pack and then sit down with a random stranger and share them...cause I think thats just kind of absurd and funny

Heff said...

Make sure to hand-feed each other for good measure !