Monday, May 16, 2011

Lawyers and Judges and Billionaires and Millionaires going down the road of sadness

Today, an appellate court in St Louis upheld the NFL 's right to continue the lockout on the players.

The Players union representative, Demaurice Smith then had the obligatory statement that he is disappointed, but that they are prepared to be out for 2 years. This is depressing, and because of this ruling and the overall tenor of this whole dispute, today was the first time it occurred to me that they will not get this thing worked out in time for this NFL Season to start on time.
We will have the College game, but football season just won't be the same if they can't get it figured out. Plus I also heard HBO offered the hard knocks slot to the BUCS (assuming it gets worked out) but the Bucs declined the invitation.
Depressing news is depressing.

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