Thursday, May 31, 2012

Two Generations of stupid

I generally accept people who believe in the Bible and Jesus Christ.  Most people I know, believe it is the truth. - Some of them are even kind of smart on other things.  I don't try to argue with them anymore, because I have done so in the past, and you can just never win this argument.   They believe  because they just believe, and no rational argument against it is going to change their mind. As long as they are not pushy to me about it,  I just let it slide. 
But seriously, when you think about the stuff they accept as truth, with no verification, it is mind boggling.  A Devil?  and Hell?  Except Hell  only counts if you don't believe in the Bible and Christ as the savior?  You are allowed to be all kinds of an asshole shit head in this world , but if you believe in Jesus and you apologize for being that way,  then you are good to go to Heaven?  BUT,  if you are the theoretical perfect person, and also  don't believe in Jesus, then you are destined to go to Hell for Eternity? Sounds like manipulation to me.
Living life is awesome, and it is scary to think that after you die,  you are just dead.  I don't want that myself.  I truly would love to be able to think that I could have eternal life in  this Heaven they invented.  That would be so great,   but it just makes no sense. Look,  I get that its a conundrum, our existence and all and maybe there is some kind of higher power,  but I can promise you there is no religion in the world that has any clue about that.  All of them make shit up to mollify the people.
Also,  this God of theirs is kind of a prick,  but no one ever calls him out on it?  He supposedly told that one dude in the bible to kill his kid to show that he loves him more than his child?  Pretty petty if you are an all powerful being.  Another thing that always kills me,  is when someone has a tragic thing happen to them like getting cancer,  but then they overcome it, they immediately thank the lord for the miracle that happened in curing them?  DUDE?  If he was all powerful, then he must have let you get the cancer in the first place, right?
Anyways,  I am burying my point, as well as the  reason for my rant,  but I just read an article about a dude who believed in a certain passage in the bible that talks about handling serpents (snakes)  except it bit him and he died.  Okay, that's fine,  he is just a nut,  Except His Dad also believed in the same stuff and he also died because he believed in that same passage in the bible and a Snake got him as well. (years before)  the dad was 39 when he died and the son was 44.
I am pretty sure if there was a god he would at least want you to learn as you go through life. 
Stupid is just stupid, and now it is two generations of stupid.


Some Blogging Guy said...

It is amazing what people will accept as truth.

However, don't let 2,000 years of people screwing up the message of Jesus stop you. Open up the New Testament, in a modern English version, and read it yourself.

You may find what He says has nothing to do with what churches and religions are saying.


Some Blogging Guy

NTF said...

True dat Bill