Thursday, May 17, 2012

Matt Bonner Head

This Is a Kid in Texas who had the image of Matt Bonner shaved into his head! (Matt Bonner is a backup on the Spurs and used to play for the Mighty Florida Gators)  The school he attends does not approve because they say it is a distraction, and they are threatening to suspend him unless he changes it.   I totally disagree with suspending the kid but can see how it is a distraction.  I should be working right this very minute but the image has distracted me So much I had to put it up on my blog and write this little post about it. ---- So to the school,  I still think you are wrong,  but I get your point completely!!


Ben said...

freaking awesome!

Bill From Gainesville said...

Right? -- If I lived in San Antonio I would so want whoever did that to his head to be my barber. whoever it is an ARTIST

Parental Control Software said...

As a parent I am not that excited about his haircut. But as an individual, it looks awesome. Go spurs! :)