Thursday, February 2, 2012

Does Warren Buffet need more money?

Super bowl Sunday is almost here.  It truly is one of my favorite days of the year, and one of the people playing this time around is Tom Brady.
That guy is living the life.  He is a good looking dude,  He is one of the very best quarterbacks in the world.  He makes tons of money, and he is married to a Brazillian Super Model who actually earns more than he does!   Imagine having all of that!   So very happy for his success in life.
His wife even sent around a sappy E-mail to all his friends asking them to think positive thoughts on his behalf.  I wasn't on the list but someone leaked it to the press and now people are ragging on them. 
I get rooting for a team playing against Tom Brady,  I will be doing that this Sunday myself, but hating on Tom Brady because he has it all is just wrong.  Ragging on his Super Model Wife Cause she is sending it out to the universe also strikes me as being petty, but I do like that line in the article comparing her e-mail to wishing Warren Buffet financial success.  .     

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