Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RIP Johnny...

Just found out an acquaintance of mine died. He was just a guy I knew. We used to hang out on most Thursday Nights during the football season when I lived in Gainesville. he was a member of the Fighting Gator Touchdown club, just like I was. - I knew he was an ex-Cop, and that he was retired. I knew he loved the Gators, just like me.
The way he carried himself, with kind of an attitude, was something I related to and liked about him. I would talk to him and tell him some bullshit, and then he would tell me some bullshit back. -- We weren't friends in the sense that we didn't even have each others phone numbers, nor did we hang out, other than those Thursday Nights for a few minutes, but we knew each other from that club, I had always assumed he was about 55 years old. Turns out he was 67 when he died last week from Cancer. He certainly looked a lot younger. Pretty sure he was a good man. Cancer is a bitch.
RIP Johnny... Go Gators...

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