Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 2010 Dagster Billsters....

Fantasy Football draft day is one of my favorite days of the year. Its a Day of hanging out with your buddies, drinking some beers, and running your mouth. I like all three of those things and on Fantasy draft day its all three of those things going on, except its like doing it on steroids. Its a beautiful day and I love that so Much. I like my friends, I like drinking beers, and I can run my mouth with the best of em...
I franchised Purple Jesus, so you know that because of me having him on my roster I certainly have a chance. He is one of the 2 or 3 most dominant players in the League and he is a Dagster Billster. two years ago he led me to the championship game.
Just look at him with all his runningness and all his purpleness...
So obviously purple Jesus was my keeper, but then I wanted a great QB to go with him. By the time I had my first choice, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning were already picked so I took Mr wolfpack himself, a guy who played at Nc STATE under Norm Chow, at that time. He throws kind of dorky looking, but damn he throws it well. Phillip Rivers is my guy.
Look at him with all his goodness and lightning boltness.

On my next pick I took a bad ass receiver. With the guys that were available I honestly believed he was the best receiver out there. He may not be Andre Johnson, but he is a big fast receiver that plays with a chip on his shoulder. Plus he is from the Central Florida Knights and he is currently a Miami Dolphin which is one of my favorite teams. This picture is from last year as he was hurdling a Tennessee Titan while wearing 15 for the Bronco's.

A second Miami Dolphin fell to me, and he is also a badass that often runs out of the original wildcat. (NFL VERSION) I saw him play in college when he was with Auburn, and of course as a Dolphin and have followed him for years.

Here he is hurdling a Buffalo Bill defender. I love that the Dolphins have the Bills on their schedule twice.
I also picked up one of the most Dominant players in College Football History. He has had a decent career in the NFL, and always looks like he is just on the verge of dominating the NFL as well, and maybe this year he will: "Reggie, let me give my Heisman Trophy back because I cheated in College, but now I have been making it with Kim freaking Kardashian. who is certainly super hot so I have that going for me"
I picked up another saint as well, Studley ass Jeremy Shockey who will just flat out run over some defensive backs, I love his demeanor and attitude.

Here he is making out with two hot chicks at the same time, you know why he gets to do that? because he is big and fast, rich and famous, Chicks dig that, at least the part about being Rich and famous.

Got me a kicker from a good team in the New England Patriots, who has some serious Eye Brows, plus a super hot wife.
Here are some of the others:

Jabar Gaffney, Santonio Holmes, Dez Bryant, Jermichael Finley and Joseph Addai.

Oh yes, one more thing, I took a flier because it is a keeper league. I took my man who may be the next John Elway with the last pick of the draft, and yes they did call me a homer.

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NTF said...

You are a homer. By the way, Philip Rivers little brother is a senior in high school and has made a verbal commitment to LSU.