Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pondering things sharks may think about

Sometimes I wonder about sharks and the Ramore fish that suck on them and partake in all the shark's kills.
I know the Ramore fish has a symbiotic function for that shark, but does the shark also sometimes think to himself. "FUCK this little Ramore fish that is always sticking to my underbelly and creating drag in the water while I am trying to swim and attack seals and stuff?"

Does the Shark sometimes ponder: "Yes, I get that the Ramore fish cleans off bacteria and seal guts from me." " I get that the Ramore fish is generally pretty harmless to me, but you know, other then the belly cleaning and the seal flesh particle maintenance, it also creates drag on my sharkness"
Not all sharks have Ramore fish clinging to them. Do the Sharks that do have Ramore fish sometimes think, "where did I go wrong to have this Ramore fish sucking on my underside?" " I just wanted to be a shark and do shark stuff, but now I have this pain in the ass Ramore Fish constantly messing up my water-dynamics"
Do any of the Ramore fish ever get a big head and think they have a say in what the shark is doing? do some of the more controlling Ramore fish think they have a right to tell the shark how to be a shark?


Brian in Mpls said...

I have a couple ramore fish in my life and I hate them

Native Minnow said...

Ah, but have you ever seen the dorsal fin of a remora? That, my friend, is a very cool adaptation to allow it's freeloading lifestyle.