Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am front running with the best of them on this NBA playoff situation. Big Magic fan here right now. Watching that stuff, and reading about it, and analyzing it, and going to some of the games etc.
It has captured my small little mind and I am totally into watching it as long as the Magic are on board.. Having them go up against the LEAGUES MVP and the team of alleged destiny, only makes it that much more exciting.
Having clarified all that, tonight was as fine a sporting event as anyone will ever see. The Magic were down by 23 at one point in the second quarter, but with about 1 second left in the game, they were up by two. ----Kid you not, ==== and I am about to start using the "F" word quite a bit because the remainder of this post basically calls for it.

THERE IS A FUCKING In bounds pass to LeBron "FUCKING" James" , who basically just catches it and then turns around and heaves it for a three point shot. As the ball is flying through the air, and the 48 minutes are clearly up, The magic have won this game. Except there is a rule that once time expires and if a ball has already been shot, then whatever happens with that ball, the game is effected if that shot should hit nothing but net. This type of shot is sometimes referred to as a BUZZER BEATER.
So after 48 minutes of basketball tonight, the Magic were winning. After 48 minutes and one second past that time period, The magic had lost and LeBron had carved a notch into his legend.... Watching it though, it was inspiring even though the bad guys won. What Lebron Did was so AMAZING and so FUCKING AWESOME , you cannot help but be in awe and totally appreciative. Even if they are going at it again to break up the 1 to 1 tie.
I hope to be there
Know who took that last fucking shot? Only the best FUCKING basketball player in the whole r FUCKING World. Like it was some kind of a script. I can hear Spielberg now: " Lets have ORLANDO beating the CAVALIERS and LEBRON FUCKING JAMES till the very last second of game two, and then lets have LeBron JAMES win that bitch with a buzzer beater from three point land. Lets write it up like that. Lets pretend like LeBron can walk on water. HELL. lets pretend like he is the greatest athlete of all time and lets have him get his last FUCKING shot off just before the buzzer on the back of the board goes off, so the ball is IN THE FUCKING AIR AS TIME EXPIRES!!!! but then as the ball falls down due to gravitational forces, lets have it RIP the NETS like a hot knife through Melting ass butter. Like its that balls JOB.
Speilburg's breath is running short now because his adrenaline is rocking out of his ass:
" That would be so COOL. All the fans in the QUICKEN LOANS ARENA can start jumping up and down like Mexican Jumping beans and all the ORLANDO MAGIC PLAYERS can stand in the background with there JAW dropping down to their chest, simply thinking to themselves, "HOLY FUCKING SHIT" and why the hell is Steven Speilburg filming all this. =
Kid you not, here I am thinking that the Magic will go up Two Nothing AND come back Home to play in Orlando but NOOOOOOOOoooooo. Stupid Fucking lebron James getting all LEBRON JAMESY on us. Getting all: "LET ME BUILD MY LEGEND" as you magic fans watch on T.V.? The bad side is that the MAGIC lost, the good side is that I was a "witness" to his Lebronness, even if it was just on the T.V. ---Kid you not .... Exciting ass shit tonight...


NTF said...

Five Magic players had one job on that inbound pass, don't let Lebron even touch the fucking ball!! How did he even get the chance?

Bill From Gainesville said...

Dude is scary good....